The Power to Transform,

 30 years by your side

Audacity. Beauty. Change. Discovery. Emotion. Happiness. Gratitude. Intensity. Hope… From A to Z, your passions are ours. We want them to blossom especially during the 30th Anniversary season of the Teatro de la Maestranza. Share experiences of liberation and joy. The power to transform through the love of Art. The source of delight. The long-awaited date. The spontaneous act of being together.

The emotion of identifying with the seeds of creativity that become unforgettable experiences and connect with your inner self. Your capacity to transmit energy to the artists on stage whose performances reach stratospheric heights. The labyrinth of passions in each row which harmonize and celebrate together in one voice.

At the Teatro de la Maestranza passion has no age limit and it is always a good moment to revitalise it. From the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021, the 30th Anniversary season gives you an incentive of many colours in the three dimensions of its programming: opera, dance and music. With stories and myths for a pas de deux where different men and women take the lead, to describe the design of life with the dreams and truths of the human condition. With undisputed figures and exciting talent. And always with the incomparable appeal of a live performance. Always with the guarantee of excellence. And now, more than ever, with the peace of mind that makes this space an enclave of public spirit, a place of respect for others and where the health of everyone is the top priority. The Theatre which celebrates your passions. With you.