DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE (The magic flute)

Wolfgang A. Mozart

DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE (The magic flute)
Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756-1791)

12, 14, 16, 18 February 2017
8.30 pm. 



The Magic Flute premiered in Vienna in 1791, it is an extraordinary example of the singspiel genre in which Mozart (1756-91) had triumphed with The Abduction from the Seraglio nearly a decade earlier. The Magic Flute is an opera which connected with the new strains of Freethinking during the Enlightenment (Aufklärung) and it embraced the Masonic doctrines which appealed to the composer born in Salzburg. We can see this in the remarkable but uncomplicated symbolism in the music and story, encased in grandiose and magical effects with a message of universal ideas.

Pedro Halffter conducts this production by scenographer and film maker Roberto Andò from the Teatro Regio of Turín. The cast includes Peter Kellner, Javier Borda, Eirka Escribá-Astaburuaga, Roger Padullés, Mikeldi Atxalandabaso, Sara Blanch, Gemma Coma-Alabert, Ruth Iniesta, Anja Schlosser, Estefanía Perdomo, David Lagares and Beñat Egiarte  in four performances between February 12 and 18.For this most beautiful music, the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra will be in the pit and the chorus of the Asociación de Amigos del Teatro de la Maestranza, on the stage.

EN TORNO A... The Magic Flute
Conference concerts
Saturday February 11, 2017.  7 p.m.

Pedro Halffter, Roberto Andò, Florentino del Valle

Sala de prensa (Access via the theatre reception entrance)
Free of charge 

In a rough and rocky mythical land, Prince Tamino is being chased by a huge serpent until he faints with exhaustion. Three ladies-in-waiting of the Queen of the Night appear and save the prince's life by killing the serpent. Quite unwillingly they leave the handsome young man to relay the news of his arrival to their queen.   

Papageno arrives, he is the Queen's bird-catcher. While Tamino recovers, Papageno explains that he is in the kingdom of the Queen of the Night. When the prince sees the reptile is dead, Papageno boasts that it was he who had killed it. 

The Three Ladies return and punish the bird-catcher for having lied by clamping his mouth shut with a padlock. Then they give Tamino a miniature portrait of Pamina who is the daughter of the Queen of the Night. When Tamino looks at the portrait, immediately he feels a love growing inside him for the beautiful girl. The Three Ladies tell him that the treacherous Sarastro has kidnapped Pamina and is holding her prisoner. When Tamino announces that he will save the maiden, the Queen of the Night arrives on the scene. She describes her pain at having lost her daughter and promises the prince the girl’s hand in marriage if he saves her. When the Queen leaves, Papageno returns. He is mortified and unable to speak because of the padlock. The Ladies remove it and pardon him when he promises never to lie again. He wants to leave but the Ladies tell him he is to accompany Tamino to the castle of Sarastro and help free Pamina. To protect them on their dangerous mission, they give Tamino a magic flute and Papageno, a set of magic chimes called a glockenspiel. Three guardian genii in the form of boys will show them the way to Sarastro.

In a magnificent Egyptian hall, the cruel Moor called Monostatos has stopped Pamina from escaping. He has been pursuing her and brought the young girl to this apartment. He is very surprised to see Papageno at the same time as  Papageno is most alarmed to see the Moor. Each believes the other is the devil and they run off. Papageno musters up his courage and returns. Having seen her picture, the bird-catcher recognizes this to be the daughter of the Queen of the Night. He describes the handsome prince who will rescue her and together they sing about the power of love and that there in nothing nobler than woman and man.

The Three Boys have led Tamino to a grove in front of the three Temples:  Wisdom, Reason and Nature. Destiny awaits him here. Before they leave, they advise the prince to "be silent, patient, persevering” When he attempts to enter in each of the temples, invisible voices order Tamino back. Out of the Temple of Wisdom comes an elderly priest, the Speaker. Tamino asks to see Sarastro, he wants to take revenge on him for having kidnapped Pamina. The priest explains that the prince has been tricked. He will discover the truth when he is admitted to the temple. Then he leaves the prince alone and the invisible voices announce that Pamina lives. Tamino is overjoyed and plays the flute. His music enchants all the wild animals who come out of their lairs and lie at his feet. In the distance, Papageno’s pipe answers as Tamino looks for him. The bird-catcher arrives with Pamina. But Monostatos has been watching and overtakes them. He orders his slaves to arrest the fugitives and put them in chains. Papageno remembers his magic chimes and sets Monostatos and his slaves dancing and singing.  Trumpets and drums announce the arrival of Sarastro and his priests who are acclaimed as they enter. Pamina falls at their feet and confesses having tried to escape. She wants to see her mother again and flee from the brutal Moor. Sarastro forgives her but he can’t let her free to be influenced by her power-hungry mother. Monostatos brings in Tamino who has been captured. The prince recognizes Pamina and the two embrace. Instead of being rewarded, Monostatos is punished with 77 thrashes on the souls of his feet.  Then Pamina is separated from Tamino and Papageno; the two must be tested before being admitted to the circle of the initiated and Tamino must prove himself worthy of Pamina. 




The Council of Priests advance in solemn procession in a grove of palms. Sarastro announces that Tamino wants to enter the Temple. The Priests agree and there are three sounds of the trumpet. At the end of the rituals of initiation, the Prince will be able to marry Pamina.Sarastro has separated her from her mother because the Queen of the Night wants to spread havoc and destroy the temple. Everyone prays to the Gods for their help. 

Tamino and Papageno are led to the Temple for the first trial. Papageno is not sure he wants to be initiated but his mind is changed by one of the priests who promises a sweetheart for the bird -catcher. The two men must swear silence and be wary of female wiles. As soon as Tamino and Papageno are alone, the Three Ladies appear. The women try to tempt them. Papageno stutters but Tamino remains silent so the Three Ladies leave having been scared by the voices of the priests.

It is night in the garden. Monostatos anxiously watches Pamina while she sleeps. He approaches the girl to kiss her but is surprised by the arrival of the Queen of the Night. The Moor hides but listens to the conversation between mother and daughter.  The Queen gives Pamina a dagger and orders her to kill Sarastro. Monostatos comes out of hiding and cajoles Pamina: if she gives in he will not reveal the assignation plan. Pamina refuses and the Moor tries to kill her but is stopped by Sarastro who banishes him on hearing the story. Sarastro promises Pamina that he will not take revenge on her mother.

Tamino and Papageno, still under the vow of silence, are taken into a hall. Papageno chats with an old woman who has brought him some water. When she reveals she is the chosen partner for the bird-catcher, there is a thunder clap and she departs. The Three Boys come in with food and drink as well as the flute and magic chimes. Tamino begins to play the flute to call Pamina but he cannot talk to her because of his vow. She believes he no longer loves her. The sound of trumpets calls the candidates to their next trial.  

In the temple, the priests await dawn and the arrival of the Prince who must prove himself. Tamino is brought to the temple and must bid farewell to Pamina and Sarastro for the last and most difficult of the trials.  

Papageno cannot continue as he was unable to preserve silence. However, he is not too concerned as he prefers a country life and a sweetheart. The old woman reappears and promises to marry him in the temple if he agrees. Papageno accepts grudgingly, this woman is better than nothing. Then the woman reveals that she is the pretty young Papagena before being sent away by a priest who does not think the bird-catcher is yet worthy of her.

In the palm grove Pamina is overcome with sadness because Tamino seems to have rejected her. She wants to kill herself but is stopped by the Three Boys. They tell her the prince does love her and they will take her to him. 

Two men in armour are on guard at the door behind which the final initiation trial is being carried out. Tamino is undaunted. Pamina arrives and wants to join him in this final test and be initiated along with the Prince. With the help of the magic flute, together they cross through the fire and water ordeals. As they appear safe and sound, the voices from the temple proclaim Tamino and Pamina victorious.

Papageno searches desperately for Papagena, in his loneliness he contemplates suicide. However, he is stopped by the Three Boys who remind him of his magic chimes. Papageno plays them and in a moment Papagena appears. They sing a happy duo about their future with a family of Papagenitos.

Monostatos has allied himself with the Queen of the Night who has promised him Pamina in marriage if he helps her. Along with the Three Ladies, he tries to enter the Temple by an underground passage but the conspirators are defeated by thunder and lightning. In the Temple of the Sun, it is dawn. Sarastro greets Pamina and Tamino to a chorus of praise for the new initiates. 

Ficha Técnica
Stage Director ROBERTO ANDÒ
Set and lighting designer GIANNI CARLUCCIO
Costume designer NANÀ CECCHI
REAL ORQUESTA SINFÓNICA DE SEVILLA Artistic and Musical Director, John Axerold
Ficha Artística
First priest DAVID LAGARES
Second priest BEÑAT EGIARTE
The Queen of the Night SARA BLANCH

Sunday 12, Tuesday 14, Thursday 16, Saturday 18 February, 2017
8.30 pm.

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