Director: Thierry Malandain
®Olivier Houeix
© Houeix Yocom
®Olivier Houeix
®Olivier Houeix

Director: Thierry Malandain

24 February, 2019

The performance lasts about 80 minutes

With institutional support from 

Marie Antoinette, according to Malandain

The Malandain Ballet Biarritz, is a brilliant classical ballet company with the goal of achieving harmony between the classical and the contemporary, as reflected in its founder, dancer and choreographer Thierry Malandain. The ensemble comes to the Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla with Marie-Antoinette, with the music of Joseph Haydn. It opens a new window on the historical figure of Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Archduchess of Austria and Queen consort of France, wife of Luis XVI. Detested by the court and people alike, she was accused of being a frivolous and extravagant woman. After the abolition of the monarchy in 1792, Marie Antoinette was tried for treason and executed in 1793.

However, in a new study of her possible place in history, it has emerged that Marie Antoinette was a fascinating woman, who was a great inspiration to dance. Commissioned by the Château de Versailles, Thierry Malandain has risen to the challenge of portraying a different profile of this emblematic historical figure in the collective memory of the French, by emphasizing her appreciation for the arts, theatre, music or dance. The aristocrat was a patron of the arts and she herself was a musician - she sang and played both the harpsichord and the harp. The music for this choreography is from Haydn’s Esterhazy symphonies 6 - “Le Matin”- 7 - “Le Midi”- and 8 - “Le Soir”- de Joseph Haydn.  This symphonic triptych was composed in 1761 and each one represents a time of day. 

Thierry Malandain (1959) followed the usual path of a classical dancer but with a strong interest in exploring the limits of dance. He joined the Paris Opera Ballet for the 1977-1978 season and then went with Jean Sarelli, a grand maestro of ballet, to the Ballet du Rhin. Later he danced with the Ballet Théâtre Français de Nancy until 1986 and won his first choreography competitions. In 1986, Malandain created the Temps Présents ensemble in the suburbs of Paris, he conceived projects with the music of Shostakovich for Royal Ballet of Flanders, and his name became known on the international circuits as a rising new talent. In 1997 he founded the first classical Centre Chorégraphique Contemporain Biarritz. He has pursued imaginative projects with innovative groups such as the Baroque ensemble Le Poème Harmonique under Vincent Dumestre. 

Considered a creator who is “as serious as he is bold”, Thierry Malandain, has more than 80 choreographies to his name. His concept of dance gives priority to the body, its sensuality and its humanity. He leads a team of dancers who dominate the classical language excellently, but all from a modern-day viewpoint. Malandain has explained that his dance is “a seed with variations” …classical for some, contemporary for others, a heritage of the neoclassical, I simply try and find the expression in the dance that I truly love. A dance that not only looks to please, but that also searches for a reconciliation with that which is sacred, as the answer to the difficulty of our existence”.


Choreography: Thierry Malandain
Music: Joseph Haydn / Christoph Willibald Gluck
Set and costume designer: Jorge Gallardo

24 February, 2019

Stalls (Patio) 40€
Balcony (1ª Balcón) 38€
Balcony (2ª Balcón) 36€
Terrace (1ª Terraza) 34€
Terrace (2ª Terraza) 32€
Slips (1ª Paraíso) 30€
Slips (2ª Paraíso) 28€
Slips (3ª Paraíso) 26€

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