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ENRICO ONOFRI, violin and conductor

4 June, 2019

The performance lasts about 65 minutes

The First Light of Classicism  

La Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla (OBS), Premio Nacional de Música and one of the important European Baroque ensembles, returns to the Teatro de la Maestranza under the leadership of conductor and violinist Enrico Onofri. This beautiful concert, Amanecer del Clasicismo (The Dawning of Classicism) reflects the period of transition between the genuine Baroque -the advent of the basso continuo, resounding contrasts as a dramatic element, freedom of improvisation with ornamentation, different instrumental sounds…- and the irruption of the Classicists -the construction of melody, transparency of harmony, a formality in symmetry, a larger orchestral ensemble including the introduction of the clarinet in the woodwind section, the development of the symphonic form…-: This crucial time period in the History of Music came about around  1750, a reference point which coincided with the death of Bach. 

On the programme are works by composers who were subject to the pressures of a historical crossroads. Francesco Durante (1684-1755) played a fundamental role in the decisive “Napolitana School” by combining the contrapuntal and modern styles; the Venetian Baldassare Gallupi (1706-1785) had an enormous influence on the development of the Opera buffa; Giovanni Battista Sammartini (1700-1775), developed the symphonic form which was ultimately consolidated by Mozart and Haydn; Antonio Sacchini (1730-1786),  was a disciple of Durante and important composer of operas, and finally, W. A. Mozart (1756-1791) and F. J. Haydn (1732-1809), the paradigmatic figures of the Classical style. 

Onofri (Rávena, 1967) is an absolute guarantee of expression and musicality, he is an extraordinary violinist who was part of the Capella Reial de Catalunya under Jordi Savall, the Concentus Musicus of Harnoncourt or the Concerto Italiano of Alessandrini until he became a soloist of the Il Giardino Armonico. A conductor since 2002, Onofri has led the Baroque Orchestra of Seville on various occasions with great acclaim from audience and critics alike. 


Organized by 

Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla

Violins I: Enrico Onofri (concertino), Leo Rossi, Miguel Romero, José Manuel Villarreal, Maria Rosaria d’Aprile

Violins II: Andoni Mercero (concertino secondo), Valentín Sánchez, Rafael Muñoz-Torrero, Antonio Almela

Violas: Aino Hildebrandt, Elvira Martínez, Aglaya González

Cellos: Mercedes Ruiz (concertino basso), Anastasia Baraviera

Contrabass: Ventura Rico

Clave: Alejandro Casal

Flute: Guillermo Peñalver

Oboe: Jacobo Díaz, Miriam Jorde

Trompa: Ricardo Rodríguez, Rafel Mira

Fagot: Javier Zafra

Violin and conductor: Enrico Onofri

F. Durante, B. Galuppi, G. B. Sammartini, W. A. Mozart, A. Sacchini, F. J. Haydn

4 June, 2019

Stalls (Patio) 36€
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Balcony (2ª Balcón) 32€
Terrace (1ª Terraza) 30€
Terrace (2ª Terraza) 28€
Slips (1ª Paraíso) 25€
Slips (2ª Paraíso) 23€
Slips (3ª Paraíso) 21€

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