Sombra efímera II
Eduardo Guerrero
Eduardo Guerrero
© Luis Malibran

1 December, 2019

Sombra efímera II

Baile, Eduardo Guerrero
Guitar, Javier Ibáñez
Cante, Samara Montañés, Manuel Soto
Artistic director, Mateo Feijóo

The performance lasts about 70 minutes. There is no interval.

Eduardo Guerrero, at the limits of flamenco

A fascinating show of expressive beauty, in “Sombra efímera II”, the bailaor Eduardo Guerrero (Cadiz, 1983), a child prodigy of flamenco who began dancing at the age of 6 in Carmen Guerrero’s school in Cadiz and trained alongside such towering figures as Mario Maya, Antonio Canales and Manolo Marín, takes us into a world of great visual power where he continues his investigation into the tradition of flamenco dance and artistic experimentation through new technologies and installation.

Guerrero is the total bailaor, having studied contemporary and classical dance as well as flamenco. His passion and need for dance is absolute: “I dance every day. When I don’t dance, my body reacts, I feel tired and my muscles ache. It’s like a drug.

”The artistic ambition and innovative drive of a creator who considers that calling flamenco a trope is “an insult”, moves the audience and has been recognised by the critics since he began touring his own shows in 2011. According to the critic Juan Verguillos, Guerrero dances “from the gut but never losing elegance”, unleashing an authentic physical and emotional “tour de force”. Marta Carrasco affirms that his “intense” dance is full of “powerful stamping and dramatic finales: his arms move in geometries or in extremely flamenco gestures over his head.” Guerrero, an iconoclastic creator without spatial limitations, having danced in a car showroom, presents a radical revisioning and transformation of flamenco, but at the same time makes use of its legacy. His impactful costumes include leather and boots, tunics, and the skirts of ancient warriors. “Guerrero is muscle, tension. A fine layer of sweat the the flexibility of desire. Guerrero is a heart pumping dance at 120 beats per minute,” wrote Tamara García.

A show in continuous flux, “Sombra efímera II”, his most ambitious piece so far, continues the investigation presented at the 2018 Seville Biennial based on “A Solo Piece For Flamenco Dancer”, which he had danced a few years previously in the Netherlands. In this piece, his dance merged with electronic music and a fragmented film in real time by Antón Lloveras.

Now with the artistic direction of Mateo Feijóo, Eduardo Guerrero continues his unsettling and exciting artistic search, exploring new dialogues with the theatre space, unleashing choreographies which dive into the flamenco tradition but also embrace the contemporary visual and kinetic arts.

In “Sombra efímera II”, Eduardo Guerrero, an artist of refined technique, modern aesthetic, a deep knowledge of the essence of flamenco and a body that is magnetic in performance, dances accompanied by Javier Ibáñez (guitar), Manuel Soto and Samara Montañés (vocals).

1 December, 2019

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Slips (3ª Paraíso) 16€

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