An ode to time
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27, 28 December, 2019

An ode to time

The performance lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes

Director, choreography, costume, María Pagés
Dramaturg y lyrics, El Arbi El Harti
Music, Rubén Levaniegos, Pyotr Ilyich Chaikovski, Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Friedrich Händel, Sergio Menem, David Moñiz, Isaac Muñoz, Música Popular
Set designers, María Pagés, El Arbi El Harti
Lighting designer, Dominique You

María Pagés triumphs over time

The end of utopias, terrorism, attacks on equality, the undermining of democracy… A flamenco show that faces the great contemporary questions in “Una oda al tiempo”, the latest creation by María Pagés (Sevilla, 1963), the bailaora and choreographer. In the words of José Saramago, when she dances, “she moves everything around her. Neither the air nor the earth are the same after María Pagés has danced.

”The fruit of an immense artistic sensibility, “Una oda al tiempo” condenses the experiences which Pagés has absorbed in the course of her brilliant career. A circular piece split into twelve scenes, like the twelve months of the year divided into seasons, it is a show about the ephemeral, the permanent and the eternal, and above all, about our relationship with memory, feeding on ideas and quotes by Platón, Borges, Yourcenar, Neruda and John Cage. As a mature artist, María Pagés continues to investigate the connections between tradition and the universality of dance in a production for 4 bailaoras, 4 bailaores and 7 eclectic musicians on stage, combining 12 flamenco rhythms with pieces by Vivaldi and Händel. The Spanish cultural tradition is explored with remembrances of Goya and Picasso.

“Una oda al tiempo” transcends the traditional staging of flamenco with its changing, polymorphous nature and rapidly developing choreographic structures, which appear and disappear, following each other, “almost like the rhythm of a slide projector” as the creator of the piece remarks, seeking a constant tension between the story and abstraction.

First performed in 2017 when it was acclaimed by the public and the critics, “Una oda al tiempo” reflects on time as “everything and nothing”: “a fiction where we keep looking for shape and purpose.

”The stage direction, choreography and costume design are by María Pagés, and the story, texts and lyrics are by El Arbi El Harti (Asilah, Morocco, 1963), a Moroccan intellectual, journalist and professor of literature who is also the co-director of the company. “Una oda al tiempo” presents seguiriyas, tonás y trillas, soleás, bulerías, alboreás, alegrías, vidalitas, peteneras, and other flamenco palos or styles, on a stage dominated by a huge red moon which becomes the sun or a pendulum, a metaphor for time.

“The contrasting shapes, colours and sounds, with splendidly intense or delicately gentle moments, keep the viewer in a state of continuous amazement,” says María José Ruiz, who describes the show as “perfect”. “A eulogy to beauty” and “a lesson in elegance and good taste” (Sara Arguijo) or “a very beautiful work which raises the bar for flamenco very high” (Rosalía Gómez) are other comments by critics and specialists, awed by one of the greatest flamenco creations of recent decades.

27, 28 December, 2019

Stalls (Patio) 40€
Balcony (1ª Balcón) 38€
Balcony (2ª Balcón) 36€
Terrace (1ª Terraza) 34€
Terrace (2ª Terraza) 32€
Slips (1ª Paraíso) 30€
Slips (2ª Paraíso) 28€
Slips (3ª Paraíso) 26€

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