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30/03/2020 - Lunes 20.00h comprar

30 March, 2020

Vanesa Martín in an intimate setting

In a much more intimate, warmer and more personal setting than her usual live performances, Vanesa Martín (Málaga, 1980) comes to the stage of the Teatro de la Maestranza to celebrate the end of the first part of her world tour “Todas las mujeres que habitan en mí” (All the Women Who Live in Me) in Spain, Latin America and Europe.

The Málaga-born singer has injected new life into a genre, a successful singer-songwriter who looked to hip hop, Latin music and even rap, is now enjoying a boom. Currently, one of the most respected artists on the Latin American market, having sold hundreds of thousands of records, Vanesa Martín recently went on tour, delighting thousands of fans in Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

Her parents gave her a guitar which she learned to play by ear at the age of six. This sparked a career of intense work, starting at age 15 when she began to frequent musical groups, from religious choirs to Málaga bars. “I’ve worked hard, and then I worked  a little bit more ” she has commented on her career path.

After teacher training, with the idea of becoming a school teacher specialising in music, a 2003 concert at the venue “El Taburete” in Madrid changed all of Martín’s plans. She began performing regularly in Madrid -“I spent two years going from club to club and I was happy,” Vanesa recalls- and touring other cities. “Agua”, her first record in 2006, marked the start of a recording career which has continued to grow -there are now 6 studio albums and partnerships with Pablo Alborán, Ana Belén, Malú, Chenoa, Alejandro Sanz, and more.

While she has written hits for other singers, Vanesa Martín says she does not compose songs for 10,000 people- she writes them “for you”; in other words, for the individual listener.

A question of essence. While her career obliges her to be on the move, Vanesa Martín says she holds tight to her essence, her centre, her equilibrium -for example, when she recorded her latest recent, in both Los Angeles and Málaga. “My heart and my passion are what guide my steps,” says the singer-poet (in 2016 she published a book of poems, “Mujer Océano”). As a free artist, this singer empathises with a wide range of causes, and says she is aware of and feels “responsible” for the impact of her songs. At the same time Martín is not at all bothered by how people interpret them. “My point of view is so broad, I’m aiming so high, that I can’t stop to think about the ridiculous things people say about me.”

30 March, 2020

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Slips (1ª Paraíso) 36€
Slips (2ª Paraíso) 34€
Slips (3ª Paraíso) 32€

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