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30 years of music
10/10/2020 - Sábado 20.00h comprar


10 October, 2020

Piano, voice, Dulce Pontes
Guitar, Daniel Casares
Bass, Yelsy Heredia

30 years of music

The music of the heart

What do singers sing away from the spotlight, when they are in private, sharing their own tastes and enthusiasms with other artists? What do they sing when, free of their own repertoire, they can pay a playful homage to the masters who guided their artistic development?

The seductive voice of Dulce Pontes (Montijo, 1969) and the polyglot guitar of Daniel Casares (Estepona, 1980) come together for an audience to enjoy in public what had previously been a private pleasure: singing whenever they meet, themes by Ennio Morricone, Amália Rodrigues, Isaac Albéniz and Federico García Lorca, or whatever they feel like making into songs.

Dulce Pontes and Daniel Casares. Two musicians free to create passion and pleasure as they play the music they love to listen to in private. Dulce and Daniel: two artists apparently very different, united by a shared love of music. 

What could the elegant Portuguese singer who revolutionised fado have in common with an innovative flamenco guitarist from Malaga? Apart from 30 years polishing their craft on the stage, they share the same passion, amazement and curiosity which has kept their careers fresh and exciting over three decades.

On one hand, Dulce Pontes -theatrical, sensual, dramtic- began in pop, then went on to “world music”, working with stars like Bocelli, Carreras and Morricone, and her fado, although unorthodox and modern, earned her the nickname “the heir of Amália Rodrigues.

”On the other, Daniel Casares, a prodigy guitarist, at 16 the youngest ever winner of the Bordón Minero of the Festival of La Unión, and one of the last to accompany the legend Juanito Valderrama, has worked with artists as diverse as Cecilia Bartoli, Toquinho or Loreena McKennitt.

Both with the secure freedom and audacity of the mature artist, they come together here to share the soundtrack of their lives alongside another towering figure, the Cuban double bassist Yelsi Heredia (Guantánamo, 1978), a marvel of Caribbean rhythm, trained as a Classical musician and just as much as home with jazz or Latin music, making him an excellent foil to Spain’s flamenco artists like Dorantes, Tomatito, and Arcángel. 

This high-powered trio meet on stage for a show which promises a feast of rhythm, subtle or tribal, and endlessly universal in their appeal. 

10 October, 2020

Stalls (Patio) 40€
Balcony (1ª Balcón) 38€
Balcony (2ª Balcón) 36€
Terrace (1ª Terraza) 34€
Terrace (2ª Terraza) 32€
Slips (1ª Paraíso) 30€
Slips (2ª Paraíso) 28€
Slips (3ª Paraíso) 26€

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