MES DE DANZA 26. El festín de los cuerpos. Sold out

Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea
El festín de los cuerpos © Anne Alcocer
El festín de los cuerpos © Anne Alcocer


Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea
7, 8 November, 2019

The performance lasts about 1 hour

A programme from Plato’s Symposium

In 2018 the International Contemporary Dance Festival or Dance Month celebrated 25 years of enlivening and popularising modern choreography, and this year for its 26th edition it returns to the Teatro de la Maestranza, one of the stages that has supported its avant-garde ideas since the event was created.

In this programme in the Sala Manuel García at the Teatro de la Maestranza, with shows on November 7 and 8, the Andalusians Danza Mobile / INcubo Teatro present “El festín de los cuerpos”, a piece based on Plato’s Symposium: “a celebration of bodies, their movement and their diversity,” according to the director and writer Antonio Álamo, author of the plot and texts. “With the heat and light of Plato, we’re ready to dance the choreography of our erotic entanglement, which seems to be made of longing and endless waiting.”

Moving on the stage around a table designed by the artist Emilio Parrilla, six diners (Helliot Baeza, Manuel Cañadas, Ana Erdozain, Jaime García, Arturo Parrilla and Teresa Rodríguez) recreate the Platonic dialogues over a sound space composed by S’yo Fang, Bernardo Parrilla, Yoojin Ko and Emilio Parrilla, who play the music alongside Manuel Calleja and Javier Herrero.

The piece is directed by Arturo Parrilla, who led the creation of INcubo Teatro, a company connected to contemporary dance through the experience of the actor,  it is based on the experience of movement and gesture. “El festín de los cuerpos” is choreographed by Manuel Cañadas, Ana Erdozain and Parrilla. INcubo Teatro, recognised in the PAD Awards for its contemporary dance piece “El Soberao”, has participated in different festivals and shows, and has toured with Enrédate or the Diputación de Sevilla.

The Danza Mobile company was created in 1996 as a major project for diversity, training, art, reintegration and social participation for people with disabilities. Today it is an international benchmark for inclusive dance. Since it began its professional activity in 2001, the Danza Mobile Company has presented over 25 shows at major Spanish and international festivals and has won numerous awards.

This event is organised by Trans-Forma Producción Cultural.

El festín de los cuerpos

Director, Arturo Parrilla
Choreography, Manuel Cañadas, Ana Erdozain, Arturo Parrilla
Dramaturg, texts, Antonio Álamo 
Dancers, Helliot Baeza, Manuel Cañadas, Manuela Calleja, Ana Erdozain, Jaime García, Arturo Parrilla, Teresa Rodríguez
Musicians: S’yo Fang (piano), Bernardo Parrilla (sax), Yoojin Ko (flute), Javier Herrero (drummer, percussion), Manuel Calleja (contrabass), Emilio Parrilla (clarinet)
Conductor, Emiliano Parrilla
Sound space, S’yo Fang, Bernardo Parrilla, Yoojin Ko, Emilio Parrilla
Stage space, Emilio Parrilla Muñoz

Production: Compañía Danza Mobile / INcubo Teatro
Coproduction: Madrid Cultura y Turismo para Madrid en Danza 2018

7, 8 November, 2019

Price 15€.

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