Breaking the Silence

  • Date: 20 December, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 70 min
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

Women Composers
Carmen Martínez-Pierret and Israel Fausto

The musical force of women

Held back in life and ignored by history, women composers, even those who with determination and inner strength attained a certain public profile, were pushed aside and completely forgotten by the History of Music.

The Teatro de la Maestranza presents a series of 12 concerts– 4 of which are part of this season - to discover the works of 60 composers from 1750 to 1980.

Creative women with different styles. Some were known by the names of their husbands: famous women like Alma Mahler or Clara Schumann. Others, like Nadia Boulanger, were revered by many of the most prestigious composers of the 20th century who had been her students. However the majority of these excellent anonymous composers were treated unjustly.

DIfferent chamber ensembles. Alternating repertoires of distinct time periods. Tearing apart the silence. Bringing these composers back to the music stands. Re-establishing the balance. Surrendering to the musical power of women.


All the programming in the Sala Manuel García for the 21/22 Season is made possible thanks to the special collaboration of the Fundación Banco Sabadell.

Mel Bonis

  • Piano with four hands: Carmen Martínez-Pierret
  • Piano: Thierry Huillet

The press says

No existe la música femenina

... un ciclo de cuatro conciertos que tendrá a las mujeres compositoras como protagonistas....

Al rescate de las compositoras silenciadas por la historia

El Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla organiza un ciclo dedicado en exclusiva a autoras relegadas por ser mujeres

La reivindicación de las mujeres compositoras, "el secreto mejor guardado de la Historia de la Música"

El ciclo ‘Rasgando el silencio’ llevará al Teatro Maestranza de Sevilla con la obra de grandes creadoras eclipsadas

Bailando en un salón femenino

Carmen Martínez-Pierret defiende esta música menor con convicción, y Thierry Huillet se unió a ella para un recital sin sobresaltos, con buena compenetración, solvente técnica e impecable musicalidad.

Necesario feminismo musical

Continúa en el Maestranza el ciclo de mujeres compositoras impulsado por la pianista Carmen Marínez-Pierret y el violonchelista Israel Fausto Martínez