Espectáculo finalizado

Date at the Maestranza

  • Date: 19 January, 4:30 p.m.
  • Duration: 75 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Musical crossroads: the mixing of African and European traditions

There is no such thing as “pure” music. All music is a synthesis of earlier forms born out of an interchange of cultures. Fahmi Alqhai knows this and with Gugurumbé he demonstrates how African music mixed with sarabandes or folías laid down the roots of what we today call flamenco that brought sensuality and rhythm to Spanish Baroque music.

This carry-over of musical traditions occurred during the era of gold trade and slavery in the colonies of the Americas when exciting cadenzas scandalized the moralists of those times. Four centuries later, viola da gamba player Fahmi Alqhai and choreographer Antonio Ruz look back to these rhythms with the Accademia del Piacere ensemble and an extraordinary cast of singers and dancers as part of the Fifth Century celebrations of the first circumnavigation of the earth. These musicians do the return voyage in an electric show of Baroque music, flamenco and contemporary dance.

The musical cultural mix in Gugurumbé makes for a fantastic celebration.

  • Musical direction, arrangements and adaptations: Fahmi Alqhai
  • Stage director and choreographer: Antonio Ruz

Accademia del Piacere 
Viola da gamba, Fahmi Alqhai, Rami Alqhai, Johanna Rose
Guitarra Barroca, Carles Blanch
Cémbalo y órgano, Javier Núñez
Percusión, Agustín Diassera

  • Cantaora: Rocío Márquez
  • Soprano: Nuria Rial
  • Flamenco Dance: Mónica Iglesias
  • Contemporary Dance: Ellavled Alcano
  • Flamenco guitar: Dani de Morón