• Date: 13 May, 8 p.m.
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

The Universal Spirituality of a Requiem

The most popular and impressive work of sacred music in history is Mozart’s Requiem. With the choreography of Maria Rovira (Mataró, 1963), an astonishing expression of spiritual and religious culture of today’s world released in a concentrate of universal spirituality. Dances created by the Egyptians, Africans, Arabs and indigenous peoples are conveyed in the style of a fundamental choreography, part of the evolution of contemporary dance in Cataluña, Spain.

12 dancers who act as indivisible ensemble and 12 soloists of acclaim perform a choral and sombre work which evokes the intense melancholy that colours the Requiem by Mozart. Maria Rovira, who studied contemporary dance at the Paris Conservatory, has worked for years with the Cuban National Ballet and has been invited as a guest choreographer by companies in the United States Canada and Colombia. She submerges us in a piece which is at once hypnotic and vigorous, charged with allegories of life, death and injustice.

A work which globalizes each of our private and personal links with the religion stemming from the particular relationship that Mozart established with God while composing his Requiem mass

  • Choreography and direction: Maria Rovira
  • Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Lighting: Rhazil Izaguirre
  • Costume design: Juan Carballido

Coproduction: Crea Dance Company and La Factoría Cultural (Terrassa)

With: INAEM, Ramón Llull, Consell Comarcal del Maresme, Diputació de Barcelona, Generalitat de Cataluña.