Gift card: give the joy of theatre

The complete programme of the Maestranza fits on one card! 

Opera, dance, concerts, voice and piano recitals, jazz, flamenco or shows for the whole family. With all these options, you will find a show of interest for sure.   

The person who receives this Smart Gift Card can exchange its value for any of the shows on the Teatro de la Maestranza programme, depending on ticket availability.

On offer as of 30 euros.

How does it work? 

· Each time it is used, the purchase is discounted from the total value of the card. 
· The balance can be used at some other time, there is no time limit. 
· In the event the purchase exceeds the card balance, the difference is paid.  

· It is activated immediately, from the moment of purchase 
· Valid for any show of the Theater's own programming of the season 24/25
· Something for everyone as of 30 euros 

You can either purchase the Gift Card at the Box Office or in a PDF via this link.