The Theatre

Welcome to The Theatre. 30 seasons and more than 2.000 events with acclaimed artists from Spain and beyond in the leading roles

Programming design based on excellence, conceived for all audiences and encompassing in-house productions, co-productions with other theatres and festivals, themed series, special recitals or performances on tour.

The main auditorium of the Teatro de la Maestranza has a seating capacity for 1.800 and is appreciated for its excellent technical resources, acoustics and visibility which enable the realisation and enjoyment of every type of stage and musical setting. As well, there is a chamber music hall to enjoy performances by smaller ensembles in a more intimate setting.

With its emblematic location and the vocation to be a theatre for everyone, the Maestranza is also chosen for institutional events and Galas with an impact in the media at all levels: international, local, regional and national. A wide variety of public administrations, businesses, foundations and citizens collaborate in their commitment to the Theatre. Their goal is to enhance the development and achievement of the cultural, educational and community objectives which have been the raison d’être for the Teatro de la Maestranza from the time it was envisioned. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part.

Become part of the experience.