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Date at the Maestranza

  • Date: 26 December, 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 105 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

The emotion of sharing Flamenco Christmas carols

Scholars have identified certain Castilian customs of the Middle Ages, with parallels to Moorish canticles, to demonstrate the flamenco Christmas carol is a manifestation of folkloric music tradition. Derived especially from the beautiful and participative “bulería”, the songs are emboldened by a traditional musical instrument “zambona” to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in family gatherings around Andalusia. These carols amplified the flamenco aesthetic, giving it an important literary status as of the 13th century, when cultured poets began to write songs in a language that was accessible for everyone.

Today, and even more so, in the sensitive voice of Manuel Lombo, this is a marvellous musical form that activates a collective emotional response. Lombo, a native of Sevilla, has recorded records of the genre such as Cante, incienso y mirra. Since 2010, he has created shows based on Flamenco carols, combining traditional tunes with others composed by himself, resulting in enormously successful performances in churches, cathedrals, and theatres.

Perhaps the key is the irresistible mix of his talent and feelings. An ever-present combination that allows a shift from orthodox flamenco -learnt in the Fundación Cristina Heeren with José de la Tomasa and Naranjito de Triana- to a transformation, as a tribute, to the memory of the revolutionary Bambino; or by sharing the stage with soprano Ainhoa Arteta, to merge the song book of popular Christmas tunes with that of traditional culture.

Empathetic and seductive, a figure of great charisma on stage, Manuel Lombo returns to the Maestranza to perform in a wonderful Christmas celebration which includes En el portal de Belén or Campanilleros. So that you can start preparing the fiesta at home.

  • Vocals: Manuel Lombo
  • Cello: José Carlos Roca
  • Violin: Laura Rubiales
  • Backing vocals and palmas: Laura Marchena
  • Backing vocals and guitar: Vicente Bernal
  • Guitar: Fernando Iglesias "Mae"
  • Piano: José Antonio Márquez
  • Percussion: Pablo Núñez
  • Special collaboration: Coral de la Real Agrupación Artística de Valverde del Camino
  • Director: Antonio Garrido Pazos

Songs for December

First seen in the cathedral of Sevilla in 2010, this show was an enormous success and greatly applauded. A 9-year tour followed in the principal churches, cathedrals and theatres, of course, across Spain. Manuel Lombo performs a carefully compiled selection of traditional Christmas songs (“villancicos”) and others composed by himself, with that personal combination of talent and sensitivity.

Manuel Lombo

Flamenco cantaor, songwriter, composer and performer of a body of work charged with Flamenco connotations which displays a nuance and lyricism that is both beautiful and genuine, his expression moves brilliantly across various styles. An artist of enormous personality and charisma, he possesses a distinctive voice that leaves no-one indifferent. Every time he comes on stage, the experience is more than a concert: it is a great spectacle with special staging and a voice of exceptional quality.

The press says

Manuel Lombo presenta su espectáculo «Cantes de diciembre» en Sevilla

El martes 26 de diciembre de 2023, el cantante sevillano Manuel Lombo se presentará en el Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla.