Date at the Maestranza

  • Date: 25 June, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 150 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Beyond flamenco

Flamenco. Painting. Literature. Art. Together in a global visión. Born in Huelva (Andalusia), Argentina expands the boundaries of flamenco in works like La vida del artista, an album full of surprises with the input of poet Benjamín Prado, arranger Joan Albert Amargós and jazz pianist Julio Resende.

Argentina possesses a compelling voice and with an emotional stage presence to match, the enthusiasm of her audience reaches unexpected heights. A woman of artistic ambition. Fearless. Argentina, who was nominated for a Grammy Latino in 2013 and 2015, presents her most personal project. From the cantes to the trilla al fado. From a nana por soleá to a guajira. All within flamenco tradition. And yet, it sounds different, original. Performed from a new perspective, this cantaora has enthused orchestra conductors such as Gustavo Dudamel.

Accompanied by a group of wonderful musicians who understand the artist simply by looking at her, Argentina invites the audience at large to cross the frontiers of flamenco.

  • Guitars: José Quevedo “Bolita”, Eugenio Iglesias y Jesús Guerrero
  • Percussion: José Carrasco
  • Palmas y jaleos: Torombo
  • Coros, palmas y jaleos: Los Mellis
  • Guest groups: October, Son de Cuba & Compañía
  • Guest artist: Manuel Lombo

Acerca de Argentina

With José Quevedo “Bolita”, Eugenio Iglesias, José Carrasco, Torombo, Los Mellis, October

The press says

De Sevilla a Huelva

La irrupción del espíritu festero del grupo Son Cubano & Compañía fue saludada con alborozo por el público.

Argentina expande las fronteras del flamenco con su trabajo “La vida de la artista”

La artista onubense clausura este viernes la temporada del Teatro de la Maestranza arropada por un conjunto de grandes músicos

Argentina clausura la temporada del Teatro de la Maestranza con su trabajo flamenco 'La vida de la artista'

La vida del artista es un proyecto donde Argentina consigue nuevos sonidos y registros.