Proyectos Educativos

  • Date: 4 June, 11 a.m.
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

The Rainbow of Music

Multimedia staging. Light effects. Shifting between image and sound. Music has colours (or do colours have music?). Carlos Bianchini is a pianist and Spanish composer with extensive experience in educational programmes; he immerses children, between the ages of 6 and 11, in this synesthetic adventure in an enjoyable and delightful way.

Interacting with them in a didactic concert which the youngest of audiences will experience as a marvellous visual and audio experience. Transferring perceptions from one sense to another.

The image resounds. The sound is visual.

With Carlos Bianchini the playful rainbow of music spreads out in front of us.


All the programming in the Sala Manuel García for the 21/22 Season is made possible thanks to the special collaboration of the Fundación Banco Sabadell

Funciones para centros educativos: 2 y 3 de junio a las 10h. y 12h.
Las entradas para los centros educativos tienen un precio único de 7€.
Formulario solicitud Los colores de la música


A partir de 6 años

  • Piano: Carlos Bianchini