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  • Date: 18 March, 8 p.m.
    19 March, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 70 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Del Monaco revolutionizes Falla

At first sight, it looks like a necklace of Spanish customs, stereotypes and clichés strung together with gypsies, blacksmiths, pocket knives, jealousy and death. However, with the story of this rural drama by Carlos Fernández Shaw which Manuel de Falla premiered in Nice in 1913, flows an opera that is not only dramatically intense, more so because of its striking brevity, but one that is also musically exhilarating. In this production, conceived for the Palau de les Arts of Valencia, stage director Giancarlo del Monaco, uses an abstract scenography -that critics have considered “ revolutionary”- to do away with geographical references and folkloric elements. The work is freed from the bonds of Spanish cultural nationalism strongly rooted in Andalusia to become universal: Del Monaco transforms the main character, Salud, into a complex personality similar to opera heroines of dramas of the times like the Jenůfa of Janáček, who will also see this season in Sevilla. In his search for the “dark, profound, and chaotic” soul of La vida breve, Del Monaco, puts the love drama of the story in tension with the social drama of its location, accentuating the influence of passion and fatality.

Lucas Macías, the excellent oboist and conductor from the Andalusian province of Huelva, makes his opera debut at the Maestranza to lead a cast headed by soprano Ainhoa Arteta and tenor Alejandro Roy.

One of the great Spanish operas -if not the best- comes to the Maestranza in a stage production which shows us a “new Falla”. Few dramaturges as the brilliant Giancarlo del Monaco, with such close ties to Spain, could provide a new insight to La vida breve. The Maestranza applauds the occasion.


Libretto by Carlos Fernández Shaw. Premiered in French on an adaptation by Paul Millet at the Casino Municipal in Nice on 1 April 1913.

  • Musical director: Lucas Macías
  • Stage direction and scenography: Giancarlo del Monaco
  • Responsible for the revival: Allex Aguilera
  • Lighting design: Luis Perdiguero
  • Costume design: Jesús Ruiz
  • Choreography: Nuria Castejón
  • Production: Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Valencia)

Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla
Coro Teatro de la Maestranza

  • Salud: Ainhoa Arteta
  • Grandmother: María Luisa Corbacho
  • Carmela / A saleswoman: Helena Ressurreição
  • Second saleswoman: Alicia Naranjo
  • Third saleswoman: Kenia Murton
  • Paco: Alejandro Roy
  • Uncle Sarvaor: Rubén Amoretti
  • Singer: Sebastián Cruz
  • Manuel: Gerardo Bullón
  • Voz de la fragua: Alejandro del Cerro
  • A salesperson's voice / A distant voice: Moisés Molina
  • Guitarist: Manuel Herrera

About Lucas Macías

Artistic director of the Orquesta Ciudad de Granada as well as Chief Conductor of the Oviedo Filarmonía. Recipient of numerous prizes, he studied oboe in Freiburg and conducting in Vienna.

About Giancarlo del Monaco

Studied piano and trumpet in Lausanne. Theatres around the world have programmed his productions and he has worked with the majority of acclaimed orchestras, conductors and opera singers.

Actividades paralelas

Parallel activities

En torno a... La vida breve

Viernes 17 de marzo, a las 19.00 horas.

Sala de Prensa (acceso por la recepción del Teatro)

Intervienen: Lucas Macías, Allex Aguilera

Acceso libre y gratuito hasta completar aforo.

Organiza: Asociación Sevillana de Amigos de la Ópera (ASAO) en colaboración con el Teatro de la Maestranza


The press says

Ainhoa Arteta vuelve al Maestranza con la ópera "La vida breve"

La obra se estrenará en Sevilla el sábado 18 a las 20.00 horas y el domingo 19 a las 21.00 horas

"La vida breve" llega por primera vez al Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla con un elenco liderado por Ainhoa Arteta

La obra, en la versión escénica de Giancarlo del Monaco, se podrá ver este sábado y el domingo

"La vida breve" devuelve a Sevilla el dolor de Salud

La soprano Ainhoa Arteta vuelve a encarnar a la atormentada protagonista de la ópera de Manuel de Falla

Falla y del Monaco hacen de esta ópera una tragedia andaluza

Lucas Macías sacó de la ROSS toda una bella paleta de colores

Lucas Macías debuta en el Maestranza con "La vida breve" de Manuel de Falla

El Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla programa la ópera "La vida breve" de Manuel de Falla, bajo la dirección musical de Lucas Macías y escénica de Giancarlo del Monaco