Espectáculo finalizado

Young audience

  • Date: 28 December, 5 p.m.
    28 December, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Taking off from the ground

To dream of flying has fed the imagination of humans since the beginning of time. Visionary Leonardo da Vinci concentrated so intently on this utopia that today his legacy takes flight with the company Aracaladanza. Directed by choreographer Enrique Cabrera since its creation in 1995, this troupe combines a plethora of objects with dance in delightful shows conceived for young audiences and families that have been applauded in theatres across the globe.

Dreaming of a world that is more just, freer, happier and more human, Vuelos –coproduced by the prestigious Sadler’s Wells Theatre (London), the Teatro de la Abadía (Madrid), among others – contemplates swimming in the sky, walking on water and flying on land. A disruption of reality which lives up to the imagination of a child and is recommended as of age 5.

“Faithful to artistic and moral values which are increasingly being forgotten” (El Mundo), “Special, beautiful and exquisite” (Cadena SER) or how the demanding children’s audience “ clap like crazy between the bravos” (El País), Aracaladanza will let us take off by releasing our ties to the ground.


In collaboration with Hotel Ribera de Triana

  • Idea and direction: Enrique Cabrera
  • Choreography: Aracaladanza
  • Original music: Luis Miguel Cobo
  • Set and costume designer: Elisa Sanz (AAPEE)
  • Lighting design: Pedro Yagüe (AAI)
  • Video scene design: Álvaro Luna (AAI)
  • Design of props and machinery: Ricardo Vergne, Elisa Sanz

Production, Aracaladanza

Coproduction, Sadler´s Wells Theatre, Teatro Abadía, Nottingham Lakeside Arts and Comunidad de Madrid

With Festival Grec


  • Cast: Carolina Arija Gallardo, Jorge Brea Salgueiro, Raquel de la Plaza Húmera, Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos, Jimena Trueba Toca

About Vuelos

A contemporary dance spectacle for young audiences which inspires pleasure in every sense as a persuasive tool to encourage change in the world.

About Aracaladanza

Fantasy, imagination and magic are the essential ingredients of Aracaladanza, a contemporary dance company from Madrid; its meticulous work was awarded the National Prize for Children’s Theatre in 2010. The pioneering approach by this company in Spain, led by Enrique Cabrera, has made it a European reference of excellence.

The press says

Vuelos, danza para familias en el Teatro de la Maestranza

Vuelos, de la compañía Aracaladanza, es un espectáculo de danza pensado para el público infantil y familiar

Danza para toda la familia en el Teatro Maestranza de Sevilla

Fantasía, imaginación y magia son los ingredientes esenciales de Aracaladanza,...

El Teatro de la Maestranza presenta el miércoles un espectáculo de danza para disfrutar en familia

La producción de Aracaladanza tendrá lugar el 28 de diciembre en doble función a las 17:00 y 19:00 horas

'Vuelos', un espectáculo de Danza para los sueños de los más pequeños

'Vuelos', una pieza que se define como «es un espectáculo de danza contemporánea para público infantil y familiar ...

La imaginación te da alas

Aracaladanza presentó ayer en Sevilla ‘Vuelos’, un espectáculo de danza contemporánea sumamente imaginativo inspirado en el sueño de volar de Leonardo Da Vinci.