Espectáculo finalizado

Young audience

  • Date: 3 February, 6 p.m.
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

An astonishing story of equality

As its title aptly says, this story of a black slave Juan Latino who, in the 16th century, received respect and fame thanks to his talent is such an incredible tale that it has reached movie screens.

For the Spanish-Canadian company Claroscuro, the fascinating character has inspired a Baroque zarzuela that celebrates the values of tolerance and respect and makes for an authentic musical and scenic celebration. Marionettes, masks, live Baroque music, sounds which reflect mixed race and a visual picture of Spain in the Golden Age produce a compelling show that draws from painting and transforms light in the magical protagonist of this wonderful account. A story of racial overcoming, told in an enjoyable way for an audience as of age 8, in a co production of Claroscuro and the Teatro de la Zarzuela of Madrid.

Emotion and visual elegance to amaze the audience through a story of racial equality at a time of intense inequalities.

All the programming in the Sala Manuel García for the 22/23 Season is made possible thanks to the special collaboration of the Fundación Banco Sabadell.

As of age 8

  • Script: Julie Vachon con la colaboración de Francisco de Paula Sánchez
  • Actors directing: Larisa Ramos
  • Stage direction: Larisa Ramos, Julie Vachon y Francisco de Paula Sánchez
  • Musical director: Enrique Pastor
  • Musical Dramaturgy, set design, lighting, and sound,: Francisco de Paula Sánchez
  • Set: Ibán Sierra Caballero
  • Puppets: Ibán Sierra Caballero, Lorena Fernández y Francisco de Paula Sánchez
  • Masks: Julie Vachon e Ibán Sierra Caballero
  • Costumes: Javier Fernández Casero

Co-producer Teatro de la Zarzuela and Claroscuro Teatro.
With the support of Festival de Música Antigua de Sevilla (FeMÀS), Festival Internacional de Música y Danza (Úbeda) and Festival de Música Antigua (Vélez Blanco).


School performances: 2 and 3 February, 2023. Price: 7€

Family performance: 3 February, 2023

  • Actor y puppeteer: Francisco de Paula Sánchez
  • Actress and puppeteer: Julie Vachon
  • Tenor, baroque guitar and soprano bow vihuela: Enrique Pastor
  • Low-arch vihuela: Sofía Alegre

About La increíble historia de Juan Latino

Awarded the Premio Alcides Moreno 2021 “for best work because it has everything” from La Rinconada, prize for Best Stage Show in 2020 by the magazine Revista Codalario and Special Mention by the Jury of the Certamen Internacional Barroco Infantil (Festival Internacional de Almagro) which promotes the creation of shows inspired by the Baroque period for children and young audiences.

About Cía. Claroscuro Teatro

Founded in 2010 by Julie Vachon and Francisco de Paula Sánchez, this Spanish- Canadian theatrical company uses puppets, masks and live music for the stories it performs. Claroscuro believes in the coming together of the arts and in the magic of simple stories transmitted from parents to children, by gentle candlelight or next to the fireplace, with a view to facing life with its plenitude and dilemmas alike.

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