Espectáculo finalizado

Date at the Maestranza

  • Date: 17 April, 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

The Total Musician

Moving up and down the cultural ladder. Swinging between mainstream and Indie. Very direct at times, and at others, Baroque. Between folk music and Broadway musicals of the Golden age. Travelling from Verdi to Judy Garland, to whom he returned with his latest recording in 2022. Collaborating with David Byrne as easily as with Burt Bacharach. Singing on his own at the piano, accompanied by a quartet,or backed by orchestras like the Amsterdam Sinfonietta. And writing his songs as “the best composer in the world”, according to greats of the stature of Leonard Cohen or Elton John.

The American/Canadian singer -songwriter Rufus Wainwright (New York, 1973)- is an unclassifiable global figure of contemporary music who, having triumphed in pop music, has declared he wants to withdraw to focus on opera. Extending his amazing popular success through film by participating in soundtracks for movies like The diary of Bridget Jones or Shrek or by posing nude for t-shirts by designer Marc Jacobs, Rufus Wainwright has become a contemporary icon.

Lyrical or epic, tormented or intimate, equally expressing emotional ballads or sounding sombre in hymn-like themes, a concert by Rufus Wainwright is one of the most intense experiences any music lover will enjoy.

  • Piano, guitar and voice: Rufus Wainwright

The press says

Una honda impresión

Rufus Wainwright emocionó a los espectadores que llenaron casi en su totalidad el Teatro de la Maestranza en la noche del lunes con un repertorio de canciones de toda su carrera, interpretadas de forma prodigiosa acompañándose solamente de piano o guitarra acústica

Rufus Wainwright, un renacentista del siglo XXI

Con solo el piano y una guitarra como acompañamiento, el ecléctico artista recorrió su icónica carrera y se metió con ella al público en el bolsillo