Jóvenes audiencias

  • Date: 26 and 27 december, 18 p.m.
  • Hall: Sala Principal

Alice in a black box 

Not a single word. Just a black stage drop where the actors, also dressed in black, project brilliant light and shadow illusions, they move phosphorescent figures and objects, perform as mime actors and let loose music, projections and tricks to magically tell us a story. Hypnotising the audience. Without ever leaving the “black box” which Georges Méliès developed in silent film. 

Having turned this original theatre style into a popular genre, the Czech National Black Light Theatre transforms Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, into a visual poem. Dancing octopi, singing flowers, chess figures that come to life… all of Alice’s fantasies become real with these dazzling special effects of visual illusions performed by a company of 10 invisible actors who fascinate family audiences with a highly precise spectacle full of poetry.

  • Stage direction, translation, adaptation, choreography and sound design: Pavel Marek
  • Musical direction and original music: Petr Hapka
  • Set and costume design: Emma Srncová
  • Lighting design: Frantisek Dámec
  • Sound projection: Václav Vondrásek, Lukás Brynda
  • Lighting: Filip Mican, Ivana Marková
  • The Wizard: Pavel Marek
  • Alice: Veronika Miklová
  • Clown 1: Jan Kuzelka
  • Clown 2: Martin Kalous
  • Black performers: Lidmila Slunecková, Roman Maly, Petr Boyda, Tomas Moravec, Roman Srp, Jakub Marek