Espectáculo finalizado


  • Date: 3 February, 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

The sparkling joy of a leading tenor

A luminous and warm sound. A homogenous, impassioned, and flexible voice. A captivating stage presence. The consensus of the international critics is unanimous: Mexican Javier Camarena is one of the greatest tenors of our days;confirmed by the audience who filled the Teatro de la Maestranza in 2017 to enjoy his recital debut in Seville. In that programme, Javier Camarena, King of bel canto opera, a specialist in Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti or Bellini, brought the audience to its feet when he sang Sevilla by Agustín Lara, amazing the public with his authenticity and modesty. With this visiting card, the acclaimed 46-year-old Latin tenor, a regular on international opera stages, returns to Sevilla to affirm the optimum form of his voice. The programme will centre on the music of Francesco Paolo Tosti, (1846 - 1916), an Italian composer- and tenor - who triumphed in Great Britain. He was the singing teacher of Queen Victoria I and that of her successor, King Edward VII. Tosti composed more than 500 songs for voice and piano that are immensely popular at all levels and were part of the repertoire for legendary tenors such as Caruso, Di Stefano, Pavarotti, or Kraus. And Javier Camarena, enamoured by these songs, follows in their footsteps.

The enthusiasm, intensity of expression, or a formidable capacity to connect with the audience, characterize the recitals of this dazzling lyric leggero tenor who emphasizes he never forgets “that opera originated as a spectacle for the public”. Enveloped in prodigious agilities, he will sing jewels of Neapolitan songs and other well-known pieces, like La Malagueña by Miguel Aceves, while sharing the dignity of Italian bel canto or the delicacy of French opera.

Camarena is an international star with a multitude of prizes and who has been applauded by the audience as the only singer in history with an aria encore in three different productions at the Metropolitan Opera of New York City. Nevertheless, Javier Camarena –an avid fan of film, cuisine and videogames- has never lost sight of his beginnings and the popular charisma which set his vocal chords alight and gift us an emotionally unforgettable experience.

  • Tenor: Javier Camarena
  • Piano: Ángel Rodríguez

The press says

Javier Camarena regresa al Maestranza para presentar su último álbum 'Sogno'

...impartirá una clase magistral el miércoles 31 de enero a las 12 horas en la Sala Manuel García,

Javier Camarena regresa al Maestranza para presentar su último álbum "Sogno"

Además el tenor mexicano ofrecerá una masterclass el miércoles 31 de enero

Camarena, cantar con el corazón

El tenor mexicano ha regresado al Teatro de la Maestranza con un recital acompañado del pianista Ángel Rodríguez