• Date: 29 december, 20 p.m.
  • Hall: Sala Principal

“I am Carmen Pagés”

A far cry from the stereotype. Liberating women from the yoke of a simple object for male passion. The choreographer and dancer María Pagés sees in the Carmen of French writer Merimée something beyond the tragedy of an emancipated and free-thinking woman. In the clamours of Carmen, she also hears the voice of all women. The strong ones as much as the  weak. Those that hold the reins of their lives securely and those who live in submission, even abused. 

Rescuing the real woman hidden and restrained in the opera and in literature. Dancing that recognition and Independence of all women. Based in the tradition of flamenco dance but taking it further. María Pagés has been asked to portray Carmen many times. But it was only when she made the character her own that the artist could dance this role in a free and complete manner. Elegant, intense, exquisite, subtle.

With the music of Bizet, Yradier or Levaniegos and the words of Yourcenar or María Zambrano. With a group of dancers and two cantaoras. In Yo, Carmen, María Pagés dances the voice of all women. 

  • Direction: María Pagés, El Arbi el Harti
  • Choreography, costume design: María Pagés
  • Dramaturgy: El Arbi el Harti
  • Lighting design: Pau Fullana
  • Music: George Bizet, Sebastián Yradier, Rubén Levaniegos, Sergio Menem, David Moñiz, María Pagés



Fotografía: David Ruano

  • Dance: María Pagés, Eva Varela, Virginia Muñoz, Almudena Roca, Julia Gimeno, Marta Gálvez, Nuria Martínez
  • Singing: Ana Ramón, Sara Corea
  • Guitar: Rubén Levaniegos, Isaac Muñoz
  • Percussion: Chema Uriarte
  • Cello: Sergio Menem
  • Violin: David Moñiz