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Chamber music talent

  • Date: 14 May, 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

Enjoy young talent performing chamber music

The series which the Maestranza, in collaboration with Juventudes Musicales of Sevilla, that backs rising artists from Andalusian and other parts of Spain, presents four concerts this season in the Sala Manuel García of the theatre.

The duo made up of saxophonist Manu Brazo and pianist Pepe Fernández, staunch believers in the experimental, propose an interesting programme where Baroque inspired pieces will take on a completely new sound when interpreted by a saxophone and a modern day piano. Händel, Rameau, Bach or Vivaldi, modernized by two Andalusian musicians who are redefining the concept of classical music and expanding traditional repertoire for new audiences.

All the programming in the Sala Manuel García is made possible thanks to the support of the Fundación Banco Sabadell.

  • Sax: Manu Brazo
  • Piano: Pepe Fernández
  • Pieces: J. Clarke, G. F. Händel, A. Vivaldi, F. Kreisler, H. Purcell, T. Vitali, J. P. Rameau, J. S. Bach

Manu Brazo

A musical innovator who is redefining the concept of the classical musician in the 21st century. Considered one of the most influential names around the saxophone on social media, he has a unique sound, sensitivity, and virtuosity. Opens concerts of well-known artists and performs internationally as a soloist in some of the most prestigious music halls across the globe.

Pepe Fernández

A pianist from Utrera (Andalusia) with a formidable musical education, he has performed many recitals as a soloist or in an instrumental ensemble and has won various prizes. From a creative perspective, he has participated as a pianist in Flamenco projects and has been a repetiteur in some opera productions.

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