Espectáculo finalizado


  • Date: 7 April, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 100 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Just like Eva

Eva Yerbabuena is forever on the move. Her creative power, which is always nurtured by flamenco, recently transported the dancer to the empty site where her house stood, the space where memory “blends with dreams, hopes and fantasies”, in the words of dramaturgist Alfonso Zurro. These makes us ask ourselves what became of all that might have been real, or perhaps was only a ruse.

Eva Yerbabuena (born in Frankfurt but grew up as of a tender age in Granada) dances where only the essential remains. She continues to do this with audacity and by taking risks. As the recipient of the National Dance Award, the “Giraldilla” for Best Dancer, Gold Medal in Performing Arts… this dancer has played a major role in the revision of flamenco. She has imbued layers of contemporaneity to the genre learned from Pina Bausch; Eva was invited to her sessions in Wuppertal. In Al igual que tú, she proposes a show with a variety of very diverse elements. There is flamenco, of course, but also the contemporary dance of Fernando Suels, Latin American music - La llorona, Construcción, by Chico Buarque- or opera arias like Casta Diva by Bellini. These alternate with seguiriyas or bulerías por soleás. As always, the musical direction is in the hands of guitarrist Paco Jarana, with Oruco and Sandra Carrasco as singers.

Eva Yerbabuena, curious and in full form. Always looking for answers to an essential question instilled in her by Pina Bausch: the issue is not how we dance; it is what drives us to do so. The question remains. Every response by Eva is transformed into a new spectacle.

  • Original idea and choreography: Eva Yerbabuena
  • Creation and musical direction: Paco Jarana
  • Script and dramaturgy: Alfonso Zurro
  • Stage Director: Alfonso Zurro y Eva Yerbabuena
  • Set design: Curt Allen Wilmer y Leticia Gañán - estudiodeDos
  • Lighting design: Fernando Martín
  • Diseño y confección de vestuario: López de Santos, Alejandro Postigo y Elio Berhanyer

Producción de Manuela Franco - Compañía Eva Yerbabuena S.L.

  • Flamenco dancer: Eva Yerbabuena
  • Guest artist: Fernando Suels Mendoza (bailarín y coreógrafo)
  • Colaboración como coreógrafa en la Bulería por soleá: Mercedes de Córdoba (bailaora)
  • Bailaor-bailarín: Christian Lozano
  • Actress: Maica Barroso
  • Guitar: Paco Jarana
  • Guest artists: Oruco (cantaor) y Sandra Carrasco (cantaora)
  • Special collaboration: Ella Garry
  • Singers: Miguel Ortega y Antonio Gómez el Turry
  • Percussion: Daniel Suárez

Eva Yerbabuena

Has choreographed a dozen shows and is applauded by audiences all over, as well having received numerous awards. Has participated in films and documentary series. As a choreographer and stage director, has taken part in many projects and Al igual que tú is her 17th creation.

Cía. Eva Yerbabuena

Professionality, rigour, impeccable staging, dimension, and projection are some of its many characteristics. Cutting-edge, vanguard, profound and reflexive, colourful and sonorous are some of the adjectives found in each and every one of their shows.

The press says

El baile de Eva, un universo de emoción

Al fina,. el público en pie aplaudió con fervor a esta gran artista.

Los caminos de la emoción

Hay un momento, dos, tres, en que la emoción se trasmite a borbotones, a ráfagas densas, genuinas, que se pueden cortar.