Espectáculo finalizado

Date at the Maestranza

  • Date: 17 February, 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Tomatito, brillance and serenity

Having grown up in the midst of a musical family -his father played; his grandfather strummed; and his uncle was the great Niño Miguel, a legend of flamenco guitar- the path for José Fernández Torres (Almería, 1958), “Tomatito”, was, clearly, to extend the family saga having transcended the Pescaderia neighbourhood to the borders of Almería. By the time it was his turn, a star figure had altered the world of guitar and all of flamenco with such innovating imput, the genre could not go into reverse. Tomatito joined the wave of this new touch.

It is well-known that the guitarist from Almeria was an admirer of, and influenced, by Paco de Lucia. It is no surprise, then, that for 18 years, Tomatito accompanied Cameron de la Isla, with whom Paco had formed a mythical duo. Later, and with the same revolutionary spirit, Tomatito joined this fraternal marriage of artists and the alliance of the three was sealed in 1989. Ten years earlier, however, Tomatito had made history in the annals of Spanish music as one of the two flamenco guitarrists -the other was Raimundo Amador- in La leyenda del tiempo, a recording considered to be a pioneering force in “new flamenco”. Since then, José Fernández Torres has matured, he has let all manner of influences permeate his artistry to create a singular identity, he has delved into himself and generated his own brilliant touch and become a global musician, sharing the stage with Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Julio Iglesias, or his “compadre” on the piano, Michel Camilo, by embarking on the marvellous adventures of Latin flamenco.

With six Grammy awards and various soundtracks to his name, Tomatito long ago left behind the title of “accompanist” of Camarón de la Isla. Today, he is a musician of wide spectrum who has taken on the Concierto de Aranjuez.

Now he comes to the stage, unrestrained and committed to moving forward authentically on his musical journey. When not on tour, Tomatito can be found at his Almeria farmhouse cultivating fruit trees and raising sheep and geese. As always: discreet and genuine. In his own manner, as a quiet artist, carrying out a silent revolution with a guitar. The guitar of Tomatito, flourishing amidst diverse worlds and accents, of complexities and clarity, introspection, and unexpected exuberant outbursts. Passion, brilliance, and serenity, Tomatito.

©Olga Holguín

  • Guitar: Tomatito
  • Second guitar: José del Tomate
  • Cante: Morenito de Íllora, Kiki Cortiñas
  • Percussion: Israel Suárez “Piraña”
  • Baile: Nazaret Reyes

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