Date at the Maestranza

  • Date: 19 October, 8 p.m.
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Without limits, fears, or barriers. Pure energy

The Sevillian sovereigns of ragtime and swing are back to fill our stage with life.

Sixteen years on, in the Sevilla where they began. O Sister! a group devoted to the Golden age of local jazz, at the Teatro de la Maestranza with the gift of its latest album, Brand New Day. 12 original compositions which are the best medicine against uncertainty and a really wonderful way to champion pure delight.

Paula Padilla, Helena Amado, Marcos Padilla, Matías Comino, Camilo Bosso and Pablo Cabra - all the regulars - invited the trio The Horn Department -Julien Silvand, July Aymí and Carlos Santana- to lock themselves up in a farmhouse and let the old and new melodies flow.

We will be witnesses to what happened there in a performance which promises to be just like all the others. Unique and memorable. Because these artists share the pleasure and intelligence of the most universal and popular of musics.

© Juan Luis Morilla

  • Soprano voice: Helena Amado
  • Contralto voice: Paula Padilla
  • Tenor voice and guitar: Marcos Padilla
  • Guitars, banjo and vocals: Matías Comino
  • Double bass and chorus: Camilo Bosso
  • Battery and washboard: Pablo Cabra
  • Julien Silvand (trumpet), Juli Aymí (clarinet and alto saxophone), Carlos Santana (trombone, piano and keyboards): The Horn Department