Cita en Maestranza

  • Date: 4 April, 8 p.m.
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Music that has no age

“She is not a child prodigy. She is a prodigy but she does not play like a child”, in the words of the subdued and impassive Gregory Sokolov. If the living myth of contemporary piano, an artist who has never spent a minute on self promotion, believes that Alexandra Dovgan, who at the age of 5 was admitted to the demanding State Conservatory of Moscow, is now 13 and a simply extraordinary pianist, this is because Alexandra Dovgan is an extraordinarily mature pianist who has won 5 international competitions and has played with orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic.

Alexandra does not see Netflix or use social media but does have videos on YouTube, where Sokolov was moved when he discovered her. Her performances with orchestras -here in Spain with the Sinfónica de Galicia- portray a pianist who is not only a virtuoso but a performer with a capacity for great expression, a powerful sense of concentration and a tremendous artistic sincerity.

Sokolov is right. Pay no attention to the age of Alexandra Dovgan. Do not label her with the tag of “child prodigy”. Simply feel the prodigy of her music. You will discover a grand pianist.

Fotografía: ©Oscar Tursunov

  • Piano: Alexandra Dovgan