Cita en Maestranza

  • Date: 26 December, 8 p.m.
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Popular music is called Pasión

Pasión Vega returns to a stage she loves...In 2005, she recorded Pasión en el Maestranza and in 2013 - on this same stage - she premiered her show Dos pianos con Pasión with the Dúo del Valle. Pasión Vega, born in Madrid, raised in Malaga, and with a heart from Cadiz has enraptured audiences with the sensual sweetness of a powerful voice that sings a bolero in the same way as a ranchera, fado or tango. Every style of popular music links together in Pasión Vega with the surprising ease of those rare sorts of voices which seem to be in tune with the beat of all manner of popular songs...

Few women of song have expressed the plenitude of love or the rupture of loss with the emotion and intensity of Pasión Vega. Her latest recording, Lorca sonoro, explores the sound of Federico García Lorca on a route of music and words. Songs and poems which remind us that her voice will resound forever in the echoes of our mind.

In a repertoire navigated by the voices of Carlos Cano, Paco Ibáñez, Jorge Marazu, Javier Ruibal and Fito Páez, Pasión Vega not only chooses pieces of the legendary La Argentinita, -in a personal and respectful tone-, ranging from the Café de Chinitas to Anda jaleo and Nana de Sevilla... as well, she summons Manuel de Falla or interweaves Romance sonámbulo by Lorca with Ojos verdes, the famous copla with the music of Manuel Quiroga, and the original verses of Rafael de León and Salvador Valverde, so unjustly forgotten. In other words, pure Pasión Vega.

  • Original idea and voice: Pasión Vega
  • Musical direction, arrangements and piano: Jacob Sureda
  • Costume design: Antonio García
  • Stage Director: Marc Rosich
  • Lighting design: Mikel Vitores
  • Original texts: Federico García Lorca, Juan José Téllez
  • Script: Antonio Romera “Chipi”, Juan José Téllez

©Pablo Padira

  • Double bass: José Vera
  • Percussions: Manuel Masaedo