Espectáculo finalizado

Young audience

  • Date: 28 October, 6 p.m.
  • Duration: 75 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Classical music is anything but gloomy

Outrageous and, in his own way, surreal, Danny Kaye (1911 - 1987) was a famous American actor, singer, comedian and dancer who starred in innumerable movies, shows and theatrical works. His gestures and charades prompted bursts of delirious laughter of a mostly English-speaking audience who adored skits such as reciting an endless cascade of words so quickly, it seemed Kaye would drown in the attempt.

Zapata – the tenor from Granada, José Manuel Zapata-, a singer and showman with no complexes and with an enormous stage charisma, pays tribute to Kaye by reviving one of his little-known sides: the music amateur who would stand up in front of important American orchestras to “replace” conductors of the likes of Eugene Ormandy or Zubin Mehta, and imitate them, conducting orchestras such as the New York Philharmonic. These events were televised all across the United States and one of them - in 1981 - was nominated for an Emmy award.

In a stage production and script shared with Paco Mir (Tricicle), Zapata engages us in musical mischief with some crazy gags that dismantle the more serious and sober clichés of the genre. Not only will the audience be greatly entertained, but it will also listen to a varied selection of musical pieces which, like the multifaceted Danny Kaye, will go from Brahms to AC/DC, or from Beethoven to Johann Strauss. And since there is a very serious side to humour, which is also an aspect of Zapata, the gags are well thought-out, refined, subtle, and project an ironic side of the world of classical music. However, as in everything Zapata does, his viewpoint demonstrates a most profound love of the genre. So, it’s time for this cultured and serious audience to relax and look at itself, with a similar mindset and humour as composers like the smiling Rossini and so many others. Can we laugh while listening to classical music? Of course we can! Classical music is anything but gloomy. Music, Zapata, let’s laugh and have some fun!

  • Director, singer and showman: José Manuel Zapata
  • Stage: Paco Mir
  • Script: Zapata, Paco Mir
  • Musical arrangements and musical direction: Juan Francisco Padilla

Project in collaboration with the Teatro de la Maestranza and the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra

Photo: © E. Moreno Esquibel

  • Pieces by: G. Rossini, J. Strauss II, G. Verdi, J. F. Padilla, P. I. Tchaikovsky, J. Strauss, J. M. Zapata, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, J. S. Bach, L. V. Beethoven

José Manuel Zapata

With a respected career on the stage, he has sung in theatres such as the Teatro Real of Madrid, Liceu of Barcelona, Chatêlet of París, Semperoper of Dresden, Massimo of Palermo, and others. Besides singing opera, he has created shows, collaborated on radio and television, and given talks for business corporations.

The press says

Sinfonía de carcajadas

... se reveló como una de las propuestas más divertidas que han pasado por el escenario desde su inauguración en 1991

El tenor José Manuel Zapata plantea un concierto "desenfadado" en el Maestranza

El Concierto para Zapata y Orquesta abarca un programa tan diverso como original

El tenor José Manuel Zapata asegura risas y diversión con la Sinfónica de Sevilla

La ROSS y el Teatro de la Maestranza proponen este sábado un espectáculo para que el público joven se acerque a la música clásica

El tenor José Manuel Zapata plantea un concierto "desenfadado" en el Maestranza con los clásicos y AC/DC

El Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla acoge este sábado, a las 18,00 horas, el 'Concierto para Zapata y Orquesta'

Risas y diversión en el concierto ‘Para Zapata y Orquesta’ que tendrá lugar en el Maestranza el sábado

El concierto se enmarca dentro de la colaboración del Maestranza con la ROSS