Alternativas de cámara

  • Date: 25 April, noon
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

New horizons of the Trío Vandalia

In search of a new sound. On the frontier of classical music with a new “colour” using the technique of “chops”, “slaps” or “flutebox”, nine eclectic and versatile instruments show the audience the potential of electronics.

In “Gen”, a recently released first album, the Trío Vandalia -Fernando García, violin and piano; Irene Jiménez, transverse flute and Pablo Estébanez on the bass- traces the links between the classical heritage and the music of the 21st century in our series “Alternativas de cámara” (Alternatives to chamber music), organised in collaboration with Juventudes Musicales de Sevilla. Combining works by C.P.E. Bach or Mozart with other pieces from “Gen”, the Trío Vandalia demonstrates its crisp and original sound, firmly anchored in a solid academic training   -soloist and orchestral- , as well as the continuous curiosity in different styles such as jazz or funk. This trio takes a classical tradition to new spheres of sound.

  • Violin, piano: Fernando García
  • Transverse flute: Irene Jiménez
  • Bass: Pablo Estébanez

En colaboración con Juventudes Musicales de Sevilla