• Date: 21 and 22 February, 8 p.m.
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

Europa versus China

In the rooms reserved for the women of the Imperial Court in exotic China during the Qing dynasty, three of these listen in astonishment to the story told by Silango. This young man has returned from a long trip across Europe and he describes the liberties women enjoy there. Here, in China, these three women are aghast with a story that reveals their status as “servants”.

This information will influence each one and unleash the tangle/confusion of the plot. Gender inequality, cosmopolitism, and European advances come into conflict with atavism and Chinese slavery or even the competitive relationship between the three young girls.  These are the themes of the last opera of Manuel García, the great composer and singing maestro from Sevilla. This is a “salon” piece -full of irony and charm- in a production of the Teatro de la Maestranza project “Ópera Studio de Sevilla” which contributes to the training of promising new voices.

A delightful chamber opera with the musical direction of Rubén Fernandez Aguirre –at the piano- and Bárbara Lluch as the stage producer.

  • Musical director and piano: Rubén Fernández Aguirre
  • Stage producer: Bárbara Lluch
  • Scenic movement: Rafael Rivero
  • Set design: Carmen Castañón
  • Costume design: Gabriela Salaverri
  • Lighting design: Fer Lázaro


Coproducción, Teatro de la Zarzuela y la Fundación Juan March

Proyecto de formación de jóvenes cantantes 

Ópera Studio de Sevilla


Fotografía: Fundación Juan March

  • Lisinga: Catalina Paz
  • Sivene: Teresa Villena
  • Tangia: Helena Resurreição
  • Silango: Julen Jiménez
  • Vision I: Belén Quirós
  • Vision II: Alicia Naranjo

The press says

Metaópera con color oriental

Se trata, en definitiva, de un espectáculo visual realmente cuidado, que aportó deleite en dosis muy considerables