Espectáculo finalizado

Musical Theatre

  • Date: 13 and 14 May, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

The boundaries of perception

As a person with sight, imagine not being able to see anything during the entire show. You are blind. It will be a surprise to test how one’s sense of perception changes. As blind people and the work of neurologist Oliver Sacks demonstrate, even with a passing disorder new capacities are developed and come into play.

Are you ready to discover these?

Starting with a shift in the senses and new insights, composer César Camarero, Premio Nacional de Música 2006 (2006 National Prize of Music), has created Es lo contrario. This is not just musical theatre, rather it is a uniquely sensitive experience enveloped in darkness. For its 60 minutes 

Inspired by The Blind by Maurice Maeterlinck, César Camarero and the Zahir Ensemble propose an unprecedented experience that explores the limits of our perception.


Libretto by César Camarero on The Blind by Maurice Maeterlinck and texts of 88 dreams by Juan Eduardo Cirlot.


Innova Ópera

Zahir Ensemble

A Teatro de la Maestranza coproduction with the Teatros del Canal (Madrid)

Wirh Dynamic Música and ONCE

All the programming in the Sala Manuel García for the 20/21 Season is made possible thanks to the special collaboration of the Fundación Banco Sabadell.

  • Composer: César Camarero
  • Musical director: Juan García Rodríguez
  • Photograph: Emily Rose
  • The oldest blind: Antonio Pereña
  • Blind 1: Fernando Fernández
  • Blind 2: Juan Carlos León
  • Blind 3: Carlos Canalejas
  • The oldest blind: Silvia Micó
  • A blind young woman: Soledad Molano
  • Blind 5: Carlos Galindos
  • Blind 6: Julio Cuder

The press says

‘Es lo contrario’, cuento de miedo en la oscuridad

Es lo contrario es, vaya por delante, Camarero en estado puro.

El Maestranza de Sevilla presenta el estreno absoluto de 'Es lo contrario'

La obra, coproducción del Teatro de la Maestranza con los Teatros del Canal de Madrid," es toda una experiencia sensitiva envuelta en la oscuridad, pues transcurre en una oscuridad absoluta...