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Chamber music talent

  • Date: 28 May, 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Hall: Sala Manuel García

The challenges of a young violinist

In 2018, a young violinist from Cabra (Córdoba) called Carlos Martínez, was selected from among 3.000 applicants to study at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. He was granted a year’s scholarship of $30.000 however he still needed an additional $70.000 for the course. Since there were no bursaries available in Spain, Martínez bravely decided to go the route of a crowdfunding campaign, an event that made an enormous impact in the media.

Carlos Martínez, a child prodigy who appeared on the stage with his violin as of the age of 10, completed that scholarship and today is a rising star of great virtuosity. With pianist Seth Schultheis, he presents a programme which opens with Jean Marie Leclair, an exhilarating French Baroque composer and violinist. Then we will hear music in the transition from Classicism to Romanticism with music by Beethoven –the formidable Sonata Kreutzer-, and Brahms –his second sonata, Op. 100- to end with the modernization of Béla Bartók.

An exquisite programme which makes demands of a violinist accustomed to overcoming challenges.

All the programming in the Sala Manuel García for the 20/21 Season is made possible thanks to the special collaboration of the Fundación Banco Sabadell.

In collaboration with Juventudes Musicales de Sevilla

  • Violin: Carlos Martínez
  • Piano: Seth Schultheis

The press says

Martínez y Schultheis viajan a través de la sonata

Juventudes Musicales culmina su ciclo de cámara en el Maestranza con un hermoso programa para violín y piano defendido con bravura y resistencia

Carlos Martínez y Seth Schultheis clausuran el ciclo Alternativas de Cámara en el Teatro Maestranza de Sevilla

El programa se desarrolla en colaboración con Juventudes Musicales de Sevilla