• Date: 3 , 6 , 7 and 9 October, 8 p.m.
  • Duration: 170 min
  • Hall: Main Auditorium

Melodies of passion

Exoticism and tragedy. Passion and betrayal. Imperialism and cultural differences. The drama of the gentle geisha Cio-Cio- San, in love with American marine Second Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, chained to the poignant arias of Puccini, she continues to touch the hearts of audiences. How can one resist Viene la sera or Un bel di vedremo? Puccini sweeps us into his music. We succumb to the heights of melodrama.

In a coproduction of the Festival Castell de Peralada and the Deutsche Opera am Rheim, with two casts for five performances of an opera which, beyond its multiple readings, is a whirlwind of desire and frenzied love, of deception and lies, of the fragility and fantasy of love and how a woman’s obedience to a traditional code of honour leads to her tragic death.

  • Musical director: Alain Guingal
  • Stage Director: Joan Anton Rechi
  • Set design: Alfons Flores
  • Costume design: Mercè Paloma
  • Lighting design: Alberto Rodríguez

Coproducción del Festival Castell de Peralada y Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla 
Coro Teatro de la Maestranza


© Toti Ferrer

*Función del 7 de octubre

  • Madama Butterfly: Ermonela Jaho / Carmen Solís*
  • B.F. Pinkerton: Amadi Lagha / Enrique Ferrer*
  • Sharpless: Damián del Castillo / Gerardo Bullón*
  • Suzuki: Gemma Coma-Alabert / Cristina Faus*
  • Goro: Moisés Marín
  • Uncle Bonzo: Pablo López Martín
  • Prince Yamadori / Imperial commissar: José Manuel Díaz
  • Kate Pinkerton: Diana Larios