• Date: 12 March, 8 p.m.
    13 March, 7 p.m.
  • Hall: Other Venues

Looking at the monster from close up

What is monstrosity? Do we say “monster” for what is simply peculiar or different? Do we say “monster” for what threatens us, just because our identity is questioned, and that undermines our social conventions?

This is the story of a woman who goes to sleep as a woman but wakes up as a tiger the next morning. The drama of an anomaly, of a “monstrosity” La mujer tiger (The Tiger Woman) invites us to reconcile ourselves with our otherness, to accept our differences and convert them into a form of empowerment and identity.

The Sevillian conductor and composer Manuel Busto, with the dramaturgy of Julio León Rocha, propose a chamber opera which is a reflection about monstrosity perceived as a social construct. There is a cantaora (flamenco singer), soprano, dancer and an instrumental ensemble that is both hybrid and eclectic. In collaboration with the Teatro Lope de Vega, for this absolute premiere, we look at the diverse from close up. And we understand it.


  • Musical director and composition: Manuel Busto
  • Dramaturgy: Julio León Rocha
  • Stage Director: Fran Pérez Román
  • Set design: Julia Rodríguez / Fran Pérez Román
  • Scenic movement: Silvia Balvín
  • Lighting design: Benito Jiménez
  • Costume design: Gloria Trenado

Co production of the Teatro de la Maestranza and the Teatro Lope de Vega of Sevilla.

Tickets for this opera can be bought online www.icas.sevilla.org or at the Box Office of the Teatro Lope de Vega (Avenida de Maria Luisa s/n. Tel 955 472 828) as of December. Prices range from 9 to 25€.

© Miguel Jiménez

  • Singer: Reyes Carrasco
  • Dancer: Paula Comitre
  • Soprano: Natalia Labourdette
  • Ferdinando Trematore (violin), José Miguel Gómez (cello), Juan Carlos Garvayo (piano): Trío Arbós
  • Juan M. Jiménez (saxophone), Antonio Moreno (percussion): Proyecto Lorca
  • Percussion: Agustín Diassera